Can you make the best mixtape?

As mixtape enthusiasts you are helping each other make the best mixtapes possible, but only one mixtape can have the best vibes.

AI Artwork

Art generated using the Midjourney Bot
(not intended to be final artwork)

Card Drafting

Take turns requesting songs to build the best mixtape possible

Hype Your Songs

Use hype tokens to increase the chance your songs get picked!

3-6 Players

Collaboratively Competitive

45-60 Minutes

Perfect for listening to your favorite cassette


64 song cards (8 genre suits, each with 8 cards)

28 hype cards

8 vibe cards

6 player screens

1 lead player token

100 hype tokens

Meet the Designer

Mattie Schraeder

Mattie Schraeder


Mattie is a transgender game designer, blogger, and software engineer from Springfield, IL

Also designed by Mattie Schraeder